In : News, Sin categoría Comments : 0 Author : jedda Date : 20 Jul 2018

The status of the works on site as of the 18th of July 2018:

  • Geocal have fully secured the site with fencing and scaffolding to the entire site setup 
  • Geocal contractors on site for framing , roofing and window installation 
  • Framing completed 100% for both ground and level one 
  • Roof trusses 90% complete 
  • Window installation to 40% of ground level 
In : News Comments : 0 Author : jedda Date : 09 Jul 2018

The status of the works on site, as at the date of my inspection on 9 July 2018 is:

  • The replacement building Contractor, Geocal Constructions, have taken possession of the site;
  • Blockwork walls are complete;
  • Timber wall framing to ground floor and first floor is 90% complete;
  • Concrete slabs, with the exception of a portion to the driveway slab and the courtyard of home 1, are complete;
  • Aluminium windows and doors for the ground floor have been delivered to site for installation; and
  • Electrical and plumbing under-slab services have been installed.
In : News Comments : 0 Author : jedda Date : 04 Jul 2018

Demolition has started on site at Helen Street with the team at Hutchies starting to clear out the internals of the existing building. With the inside almost completely cleared, the building will be set for demolition in the coming weeks.