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Set high in the Andes Mountains where rainbows are so close you can almost see their raindrops and the clouds blanket the tips of the mountains; these historical Peruvian cities need no introduction. The ancient cities and marvelous wonders of Machu Picchu and Cusco are by far the most impressive places I have had the pleasure to visit and should be on everyone’s bucket list. It was definitely one of those experiences that got my mind racing trying to piece together the footsteps of the past.  

Set high above sea level, both of these cities challenge limits and push boundaries of epic architectural proportion. I found myself standing on top of what could only be described as beauty; looking out towards the Andean Range towards the streams below thinking, how did they do it? Yes, today we construct impressive buildings that cast shadows on the footpath as they ascend high into the sky, but the advanced technology and perfectly designed engineering systems allow us to create things of this magnitude. Let us rewind a thousand years, the Incas are building entire societies on top of mountains from construction materials made from granite that even today’s tools struggle to cut. The thought of people designing, creating and building ancient cities like these is absolutely awe inspiring. Using nothing more than their bare hands and basic equipment truly showed their determination to create something great.

Whether they intended to build their temples, homes and structures to last a lifetime, constantly battered by mother nature and mankind, it was an experience that cannot be explained. It was a privilege to share such a rich history and to stand in the same spot looking out at the same view in what was someone’s house long before me. Machu Picchu and Cusco truly are a fascinating place that should be seen by the world by people from different countries to admire and ponder on what was.

While modern structures in their own right can be impressive in respect to technological advancement, architecture and design, something can be said about structures from the past. Temples, monuments and statues have all stood the test of time for thousands of years and to this day baffle us with how they were created with nothing more than man power and primitive tools. Their methods of creation were nothing short of amazing and still considered an impressive feat.  

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After 2 years of meticulous planning, we are excited to be launching our latest development Obsidian. Located in the famous woolstore suburb of Teneriffe, these 14 luxury apartments are within a narrow radius of the CBD. Less than 3km downstream from Brisbane’s city heart it is a retreat amid the hustle and bustle in an area that has been a hive of activity for decades.

Obsidian is equal parts nostalgia and new wave, with a visage inspired by a cross-section of a submarine. The project was designed in a way to reflect the aspirational and eclectic precinct, a focal point of intertwining generations. The inspired architecture blends a combination of cultural heritage and modern living to create a timeless design for the next generation’s experiences of inner-city living.

Location and layout are not the only standout features of these beautifully planned apartments. Carefully considered, the 12 residences are embellished with style from the bedrooms and bathrooms through to the kitchen and entertainment areas. While positioned close to the commotion of the capital city, Obsidian delivers breathing space and sublime touches to meet expectations on a luxurious life on terra firma.

The 2 penthouses offer exclusive additions and luxurious space in which to relax and entertain. Featuring expansive terraces, volumetric ceilings and breath taking panoramic views, they are a pocket of seclusion and splendour. 

Very few neighbourhoods offer the promise of such an outdoor, immersive lifestyle so close to the city. The tree-lined streets and natural geography offer residents the opportunity of peace, seclusion and outdoor activities.

If you are looking to make a home at one of Brisbane's premium locales and immerse yourself in Brisbane's most refined precincts, register your interest here