In : Inspired Living, News Comments : 0 Author : jedda Date : 28 Jun 2017

Inspiration and influence come in all forms, at any time. It happens with the music we hear; the people we meet; the culture and city in which we choose to surround and immerse ourselves in. Travelling the world pushes our imagination as we are taken out of our comfort zone and learn to see the world under a different light. History and culture help shape a city with these influences present in the architecture and urban planning. I love taking these newly discovered designs as inspiration and investing them into future projects.

My latest travels to the States saw Boston take the stage and boast its many delights and hidden treasures, and as expected it did not disappoint! The redbrick Boston homes nestled along tree lined streets showcase the architectural combination of mother nature vs man. Many of the homes exterior elaborately covered in vines as if mother nature herself was the designer. As one of America’s oldest cities, it is a perfect example of new meets old as the history and the remnants left behind blend with ease into a very modern, fast-moving city; a splendid balance of old characteristics with a modern twist.

Every day Boston sends you on a journey, it lets you step back in time to the earlier days of America. A beautiful city soaked in historical buildings and venues alongside gleaming high rises as you get lost in the beauty of it all. The thought and strategy implemented in the urban planning of this city is second to none; from the preservation of the cities rich heritage and architecture to the unique neighbourhoods and public green spaces. Although it is an intertwining maze of terrace homes, high rises, retail, transport and nature, each building, structure and object stands alone adding it’s own unique touch to Boston’s canvas.