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The status of the works on site, as at the date of our site inspection on 06 July 2016, can be briefly described as follows;

* Basement fit off substantially complete.

* Level 1 plaster sheeting complete, glazing installed, joinery installed including bench tops, tiling complete, painting to ceilings complete, walls under coated.

* Level 2 plaster sheeting complete, glazing installed, joinery installed, no bench tops as yet, paint to ceilings complete, walls undercoated, water proofing to wet areas complete, tiling has commenced.

* Level 3 rough in of all services complete, insulation installed, plaster sheeting complete, glazing installed.

* Level 4 internal framing complete, insulation installed, rough in of all services is complete, glazing – windows installed, door sills installed – no glass.

* Level 5 block work complete, trussed and batten, insulation and roof sheeting complete to 30%, fascia and gutter complete.

* Anticipated crane drop is extended to late July 2016.



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