About Us

Visie is the Dutch word for vision. Visie Properties prides itself on being different and seeing value and opportunity where others don't. We invest heavily in creative design, architecture, innovation and aim to strike a balance between art and clever construction techniques, to produce bold and stylish products that stand out in the urban maze of mediocrity.

"Vision is the art of seeing the invisible."




At Visie Properties we truly believe each project is an opportunity to express ourselves in built form like you would an art piece. With each project, we capture the essence of the eclectic and aspirational precinct in which it is located. We approach each project with this mindset to allow you as the buyer to fall in love with your new surroundings. Our passion comes from creating a focal point with each development that intertwines generations with equal parts nostalgia and new wave as we believe in preserving and enhancing the city’s rich heritage. 



Everything we do we challenge the status quo and push boundaries. We add value with each project by carefully selecting a handful of skilled consultants and specialists. At Visie Properties we have a highly skilled team with over 40 years of diverse development knowledge and experience in residential, commercial and industrial. At Visie Properties we consistently deliver our promise of achieving bold, stylish projects that reflect our passion for development and ability to think differently.  



We love making your home define a period of architecture in our city's history as it helps positively influence and shape the city's growth and renewal. We approach every project with this mindset because we want you as the buyer to benefit. We instil the ideology that every development is our last and incorporate the same time, effort and commitment as the ones before. Everyone deserves a home they can fall in love with to entertain and enjoy and our commitment we put into our developments guarantees we deliver quality projects to you time and time again. 


Purpose Statement

We get up every morning to redefine the possibilities in property development to influence a new movement where art meets built form.

Core Values

Visie World Homes

The team at Visie Properties are passionate about what they do and strongly believe in giving back to those less fortunate. Our dream is to make a positive footprint on the world for future generations. We believe in leading by example to influence others and create a ripple effect through our work, projects and creativity to make a bigger impact. For every project we complete we will build a home for someone less fortunate through the Visie World Homes one-for-one initiative.    

We love giving back to the community through causes that are close to us. It is an integral part of our corporate culture, and we at Visie Properties believe a hands on approach is best.

Warren has always believed that everyone deserves a place to call home, to have a sense of safety and security. His passion to make a difference and impact people's lives motivated him to start the one-for-one initiative called Visie World Homes. 

As well as serving as a committee member for the Mental Awareness Foundation, an organisation that aims to reduce rates of suicide through empowerment, Warren recently represented Visie at the Dancing CEOs charity event. His full routine with back-up dancers captivated 800 guests and made for quite a successful night, raising $220,000 for families directly affected by Domestic Violence.

     *Dancing CEO's
     *Dancing CEO's Charity Event - dance routine
     *Mental Awareness Foundation
     *2017 Walk For Awareness